TWN Contessa - Chassis

page updated February 24, 2011 by Dave


The Contessa is fitted with hub brakes front and rear with twin opposing pads. The brakes are cable operated.

The assembly diagram below shows a second nilos seal fitted (outer grip type), that's not shown in the parts book diagram here - it is very important for spacing and should be fitted. The parts book is incorrect - for some reason it has been omitted. It is not enough to replace the wheel bearings with 2RS (rubber seal replacements). This had been done on mine in the past and the bearings had been floating about in the hub. The seals must be fitted as well. Look carefully at the diagram. They are still available at bearing suppliers.

rear drive shaft and brake unit


Nilos rings: there are two types for each size of bearing. Example:

- Part No. 710 in front hub is inningespannt (inner 'strained' or inner grip)

- Part No. 711 in front hub is au├čengespannt (outer 'strained' or outer grip)

The point is, that while it is okay to replace the bearings with modern sealed versions you must still use an outer grip nilos ring if originally fitted or the spacing is wrong.

front hub and brake unit


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