TWN Contessa - Restoration

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The Triumph Werke N├╝rnberg 'Contessa' Scooter/Motorroller - 1957

sales patter!

The engine - sturdy and smooth running

"The proved 200cc double-piston two-stroke engine with its controlled fuel distribution - 10.4 H.P. Output - sturdy, highly reliable, and always ready for service. Its very favourable thermal properties are improved even further by the cooling fan. With this source of power, the CONTESSA climbs hills with great ease and remains absolutely steady at full throttle"

Drive unit suspension

"A constructional feature greatly admired by specialists! it is to this that the CONTESSA mainly owes its excellent suspension and driving qualities - qualities which for a scooter are really amazing. With this construction, the engine, gear unit, rear wheel and chain with chain case are suspended in a single drive unit.
As in present-day construction of automobiles, the progressively acting helical compression springs and the large-size oil shock absorber are arranged separately. Consequently, the suspension continues to function at all times even if the shock absorber should happen to stop working"

Maximum roadhugging

"A first rate guarantee of safety for the rider and pillion rider. Excellent distribution of load on both wheels under all riding conditions prevents front wheel skid normally the dread of all riders. The 3.5 x 10" tyres have plenty to spare even on long trips with two persons and luggage."

With and electric starter, of course!

"As a scooter of the most modern design, the CONTESSA is fitted with and electric starter which - located directly on the crankshaft - acts simultaneously as a dynamo (12 volts). A starter device in the carburettor, operated from the control panel, ensures quick and easy starts at all times of the year, even when the scooter has been standing for hours in the winter cold."

Gear shifting is a pleasure...

"...on the CONTESSA which is fitted with a carefully synchronised four-speed gear unit with a smooth working and efficient locking ratchet-type foot shifter and neutral selector. A quick depression is sufficient to change from each gear direct into neutral running position. Extremely easy to operate, without getting cramp or becoming tired!"

Extremely reliable brakes!

"The brakes are designed on both wheels as internal expanding brakes. With a diameter of 150mm and a shoe width of 25mm compared with the given wheel diameter of 10", the size of the brakes is extremely favourable. It is only with good roadhugging that the strong brakes can be used to full effect, and they can even be safely applied on dirty and icy roads. The disk wheels can be changed round."

Systematic springs...

...absorb all road shocks by the positive pivoting of the drive unit suspension and its exact synchronisation with the front wheel suspension. With or without a pillion rider, you are protected against bumps in every driving situation, and riding is comparable with sitting in an armchair. On the front wheel too, the helical compression springs and the telescopic shock absorbers are arranged separately."

Chains - free from stress

"With the driveunit suspension, the chain case - rigidly connected to the rear wheel axle - becomes the supporting assembly. As a result the initial stress of the rear wheel chain remains unchanged even with continuous full spring travel, and the chain case remains absolutely tight. The rear wheel chain and the gear chain operate silently and free from wear and tear in the oil bath."


"Smooth running 200 c.c. double-piston engine 10.4 H.P. at 4800 r.p.m. 4-speed transmission with direct neutral selector from each gear. Electric starter. Fan cooling. Elegant frame planned down to the last detail (fuel tank and batteries built into the front plate). Fuel tank with a capacity of 11 litres/2.42 gall. (imp.), 2 litres/0.44 gall. (imp.) held in reserve. Maximum roadhugging due to correct distribution of weight. Drive unit suspension. Cushion-like low-working springs. Very simple operation. Weight: 149kg/328lbs., ready for riding, full fuel tank. Speed: 97 km p.h./60 m.p.h. Standard fuel consumption: approx. 2.7 litres p. 100 km/approx. 100 m.p.g. (imp.). Sidecar tability. 10 x 3.5" tyres. Spare wheel and luggage carrier fitted on request, at extra charge. Tasteful colour-scheme light and dark blue combined. Powerful headlight with a 35 watt bulb, parking light with a 2 watt bulb. Safety lock shielded in the handle bar and yet easily accessible. Luggage hook. Sponge rubber seat cushions for the rider and pillion rider."




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